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Premium American Made Longboards

Tre Lohre with 1st PiperBoard Longboard
A little backstory on how we started Piper Longboards

My son Tre asked me some time ago what he could do to earn money and maybe have something he could do even when he reached high school.

I was pretty impressed.

I told him to think it over and come up with something he thought he could make money doing.  I thought hed come back with something like mowing grass, walking dogs or something similar and wed figure out how to get him started.

To my surprise, a few days later he came to me and told me he wanted to start a skateboard company!

Wow, thats ambitious I told him.

We both skate quite a bit, and we love it, but a business?

Hmm, I wasnt sure.

​That said, I didnt want to squash his dreamso I told him wed research it and figure out if it was feasible and what steps we needed to take if it was.

​He was excited and jumped right in to help name the company and even came up with board designs!

Long story short, this became a short course in entrepreneurship.  I loved it, my son was learning things like CODB (cost of doing business), material sourcing, reselling, design and building a brand!  All at 12 years old too!

How awesomely proud was I!!!

A few weeks later, we found a manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach California and began working on our business model.  We were off to a great start

A few weeks later, we launched PiperLongboards.com and PiperBoards.com and here we are!

Tre Lohre with 1st PiperBoard

About Piper:

Hi, my name is Piper and let me just say, in the last year, my life has seriously changed!  It was a snowy Christmas Eve and I was cold, scared and in some serious pain.  God must have been watching over me though because I ended up at the Kenton County Animal Shelter in Independence, Kentucky.  My tail had been broken and the bone was exposed.  It hurt something awful!  Out there on my own with a broken tail, it had been tough to find food and I was all skin and bones, which is saying a lot since I am all of 12 inches if I stand up nice and tall!

The kind people at the Kenton County Animal Shelter took me in on that Christmas Eve and my luck started to really change.  Unfortunately my tail had to be amputated, but with their care and love, I healed up nicely in the next few weeks.  While it was scary to be in a shelter surrounded by older (and usually louder!) dogs, I had three square meals a day and was finally out of the cold!  They took such good care of me that I felt like a new dog.

One day a twelve-year-old boy with brown hair and big brown eyes walked over to my kennel and peeked in.  He reached his fingers through the fence to pet me and looked at me with all kinds of love.  My ‘nubby’ began to wag as the nice lady from the shelter came over with the leash and led me out to the playroom.  That same boy held me and played with me and seemed to be ok with me licking his face.  The next thing I knew, I was bundled up and taken out for a car ride…I had been adopted by the brown haired boy!

The last few months have been the best of my life!  I have a nice new home with a family that loves on my all the time.  Now, this brown hair boy loves riding his longboard!  In fact, lots of spring days we hop on his Drop Down Knighthawk board and cruise the neighborhood.  Turns out, this brown haired boy is named Tre Lohre and he started a Longboard company with his dad to share his love of riding.  You may have guessed, he decided to name his company after me!  They tell me I am cute and all, but wow, what an honor!

I knew he had something special here when I saw all the hard work Tre and his dad put in making sure that Piper Longboards were the best out there! In fact, they put me to work and you can be assured that every Piper Longboard has been personally sniffed by me to ensure the highest quality.

Giving Back… It was really important to me that we help out as many other animals as possible.  Hey, the folks at the Kenton County Animal Shelter took care of me when I need it the most!  Tre decided to give a portion of the proceeds back to the Shelter to help out my buddies who have not yet been adopted.  For every board you buy, Tre will give a toy to the shelter… and throughout the year he will find other ways help and support the shelter.

Thank you for reading my story!  If you click back to the shop, you can check out Tre’s rad Longboards.  Then maybe you can skate on down to your local shelter and find a pet that would complete your family.  Trust me… if you rescue one of us from a shelter we will love you forever.
Hi I'm Piper!
Tre visiting with the furry residents at the Kenton County Animal Shelter

The boards:

Currently we have limited stock of boards.  

Mid 2017 we will be refreshing our inventory with new styles and shapes.  

If you are interested in styles and lengths currently available, please e-mail us using the form below and we'll get right back to you with a list of stock, photos and pricing.
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